Trail for Two


I fell in love with tandem biking the first time I tried it. Without ever having even been on one, my ex and I decided to ride one for our honeymoon trek across Ireland. The memories forged there became much of the inspiration for Jacob and Angie’s adventures in Waiting for Today.

What is tandem biking and why?
Tandem bikes are, simply put, bikes built for two. The person in the front, or captain, steers the bike, but both partners, including the stroker who sits in back, pedal the bike and maneuver it with their weight distribution. With tandem riding becoming more popular, a variety of models have emerged, including recumbent and mountain biking varieties. The connection forged is undeniable. Think of going on a road trip with someone you actually like…

How do you get one?
I suggest going to a store in your area that specializes in tandems in order to assure a proper fit and model. Here in Colorado, we are fortunate to have the only store in the country that exclusively sells tandem bicycles. Lynn Dexter and Patrick Gibbons of Tandem Cycle Works have been selling tandem bikes in the heart of Denver for almost 20 years. Themselves avid riders, Lynn and Patrick are two of my favorite people. Please feel free to call them at tel:303.715.9690 or visit their store at 2720 S Wadsworth Blvd.

Tips for Riding
Once you are familiar and comfortable with the weight distribution and balance of the bike, you should be able to ride on any paved surface where you would ride a regular bike. Still, take a few moments in a clear area to practice mounting the bike in unison. This is the tricky part. Also, practice your communication, remembering that the stroker in back cannot see many of the obstacles of the road. As such, it is helpful to develop a system for pointing out potholes or other big potential bumps they may not see as well as giving a bit of notice before coming to a stop.